A high strength, fast acting PRE – workout

– Increase muscle pumps
– Increase energy & focus
– PRE : Prepare for the ULTIMATE WORKOUT

450g / 30 servings

Flavours Available:  Red Apple

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Product Description

PRE has been designed to give you the ultimate edge in the gym or on the field. Pre will give you the most heightened intensity, energy, drive, focus and muscle pump. With a 1 year development process, Muscle NH2 has brought something special onto the market of pre-training products. PRE is without limits, we are changing the game in supplementation and the limitations of your training can be surpassed with the use of this product.
PRE is a sports nutrition supplement used by healthy athletes and gym users to increase energy and focus during physical exercise


Serving size: 15g
Servings per container: 30

Amount Per 15g serving Per 100g
NH2 Nitric oxide enhancers 12.5g 83.4g
NH2 Focus 550mg 3.67g
Niacin 30mg 200mg



NH2 Nitric Oxide Enhancers:  beta alanine, citrulline malate, l-arginine
NH2 Focus:  caffeine anhydrous, 2 aminoisoheptane
Other ingredients: niacin, colour, sweetener (stevia and sucralose).

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

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