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We are a U.K. brand leading the way with new and exciting innovative sports nutrition products to help ensure our customers get the highest quality ingredients to help fuel whatever fitness challenge they take on.

Our journey started back in 2013 with the launch of Muscle NH2. The brand owner Charles Hillick, a keen weight training enthusiast who has been involved in the sports nutrition industry since 2005 decided it was time to create his own brand and fill in the blanks in the market place where he felt other brands were falling short.

With the increasing awareness of the importance to keep an active and healthy lifestyle, exercising is important but recovery for your next workout is essential. This is where Muscle NH2 comes into effect.

Unyielding quality: we work closely with the highest standard in sports nutrition manufacturing in the UK and Europe. Muscle NH2 has a team of procurement professionals who source the finest raw materials each requiring certificate of analysis which is then retested for compliance by ourselves before we use it in any of our products. All the ingredients used in our products are at the forefront of sports nutrition developments.

Quality control

We take pride in what we do. Our extensive lab testing and lengthy manufacturing process is essential for us to be in a position to pride ourselves on delivering our customers the best value for money products that can be obtained on the market today.

Our journey will continue, our product list will grow as we are constantly working behind the scenes to deliver the highest standard of products that we feel are in demand and would benefit any gym user or serious athlete.

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